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Charles G. Waugh

Photographic Portrait Artist


Katie Harman-Ebner

Miss America 2002

I was delighted with my portrait, and I had a wonderful experience! 

I recommend Charles to anyone who wants emotionally meaningful portraits...

Katie Harman-Ebner 

Miss America 2002 



What Amanda Hashagen said about her family's portrait sessions and portraits...



Senator Mark O. Hatfield



Nicole Vogel

Publisher: Portland Monthly; Seattle Metropolitan

Charles has a great way of putting his subjects at ease. I enjoy the time I spend with him and I always enjoy the end product

Nicole Vogel 




The Crosby Children with their spouses

Thank you so much for creating such lovely portraits of our family and giving us such a good time in the process. 

I hope you noticed my mom's tears when you showed us the slideshow - your work brought us together & captured out love for each other. Thank you so much, we are so very grateful!

Kendra Wenzel 


I don't always fit in easily...

So when the family portrait came up, I was concerned. How would I be able to blend in with these people? What if my crooked face ruins their idealistic portraits? What if the camera reveals my deepest insecurities that I try so hard to disguise through disarming honesty and self-deprecation humor?

 But, when you worked with our family you did not make me feel like an outsider. You made me feel safe. You made me feel accepted, included, recognized, and established as one of the family. I cried when I watched the slidewhow.

And, these portraits will mean more than just nice photos to put in our home. They will impact our whole future, and this is not merely an exaggeration. 

We are going to begin the slow process of adopting a child, and in Oregon all adoptions are some form of 'Open Adoption' so the birth mothers will look through scrapbooks of the prospective families look for those they like the looks of. 

No words of gratitude will ever be able to express how deeply we desire to be parents, and how excited we are to have these cheerful, lovely, beautiful portraits to use on the cover of our book.

Kim and Ryan Crosby 




Thank you for the picture of me that you unveiled at my retirement party. 

It is a beautiful piece of art and received so many compliments from many people.

I appreciate how you have melded your art with public service - you are an inspiration to us!.

Your friend and admirer, 

Tom Potter 



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