Classical Azure Style

Rich and elegant with deep blue tones that give depth and volume to the portraits.  

Classical hand-gilded frames are the fitting complement

to these formal and striking portraits. 

Scroll down to learn more about colors, clothes, and mood

so you may appropriately plan and prepare for your portraits.


Clothing and Colors

Classical Azure clothing should be darker solids, and be somewhat formal or even be decidedly formal:







Using a single solid color as a scheme pulls the group together and emphasizes the expressions. 

Here, we have used black as the unifying principle:



Changing one person makes a 'standout' that unbalances the portrait and pulls the viewer's eye way over to the right:



With no color coordination, it's very confusing, almost like random people collected off the street:





Formal clothes are the most timeless of all



Classical doesn't need to be stuffy! 




Simple clothes let the love shine through



Deep blues and purples work very well, though short or cap sleeves only work on the right figure



A full suit on men is a definitive statement of style, and black is always a good choice




Simplicity is the essence of elegance




Green works only with a portrait of an individual 



Burgundy is always gorgeous




Babies are wonderful in formal attire




Placement and sizing of portraits is critical to achieve the most dramatic impact:






Classical Azure

Rich and Elegant, Formal and Timeless


At Your Own Emotionally Significant Location 


Sizing and Placement

High-Fashion White

Bright and Energetic, Fun and Fashionable 

Sizing and Placement

Placement and Sizing and Emotional Impact 




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