High-Fashion White

Bright and energetic, fun and fashionable, with the focus solely on the subjects and their joy. 

A strong, contemporary statement in any home. 

Scroll down to learn more about colors, clothes, and mood

so you may appropriately plan and prepare for your portraits.


Clothing and Colors

High-fashion white clothing for groups should be solids,and stay within one color scheme:

Children by themselves can wear darn near anything! Though I suggest staying with solids if possible:

Pets are always welcome, and coordinating the clothing with them builds a very strong, timeless image:

Babies are the best!

Being who you are is a wonderful way to be!





Classical Azure

Rich and Elegant, Formal and Timeless


At Your Own Emotionally Significant Location 


Sizing and Placement

High-Fashion White

Bright and Energetic, Fun and Fashionable 

Sizing and Placement

Placement and Sizing and Emotional Impact 


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