Why I care deeply about fine art portraiture:

This snapshot (below) is the only image that I have of my grandmother Josie (on the right). It is reproduced in its current, faded, condition.

Though born in the late 19th century, Josie had a Master’s degree in mathematics, which was quite unusual for a woman in that era. She was the matriarch of the family and the driving force in her two sons, my father and his brother, receiving their PhD’s in Organic Chemistry. 

I am saddened that I only have this one, faded, snapshot of her to share with my children and grandchildren when telling them of the woman who had such a profound effect on her descendents. 

I truly wish that I had a professional portrait of her, one that showed her incredible eyes and fierce spirit. 

That is what I wish for all of my clients: portraits that reflect the inner life and the very soul of who they are - a lasting legacy for the ensuing generations.


Marvin Josephine Droke Waugh

1884 - 1976